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   Brief Introduction

      Being an enterprise of advanced technology with foreign investment, Shenzhen Enzerui (WILY) Display Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of LCD of TN, STN, FSTN, CSTN or other special types and modules of COFˇ˘SMTˇ˘TABˇ˘COG., etc. Our products are professional support for a wide range of communication appliances, such as mobile, digital phone, instrument panel, MP3, PDA, etc. Exporting most of the products directly to Europe, USA, Japan and other countries, we serve as the main vendor of display for countless international companies. Our factory, with area of 10000 meter square, is implemented with international advanced STN-LCD production line and TAB, COG production facilities which are imported from Japan and Korea. We aimed at bringing quality products and services to your company by our professional and experienced engineering technologists.

Client is Spirit:
We are to believe building value for each client is the development and success for our company. With mutual trust, synergy is achieved. Understanding of specific needs, guarantee of advanced technology and perfection is all in our assurance.

Trust is Must:
The relationship between client and us is in hook as a partnership. We establish an integrated, effective and long-lasting association with each client in order to achieve Win-Win result.

People is Strategy:
People, provided with comprehensive training and fair opportunities of promotions, are the fundamental concern of our company. All result is managed in efficient and effective manner by maintaining competitiveness within our company. People of insightful, smart and forward-thinking combined with experience and professionalism is our strength.

Efficiency is Navigator:
We attach great importance to economic efficiency and social value which are our navigator. We focus in improving operation environment and enhancing our competitiveness that can nurture the unique identity.

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